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Why We Reviewed Hospital Fees Upward – Zimbabwe Government

The Government of Zimbabwe has announced an upward review of the hospital fees payable by individuals accessing health care in the country.

The new fee structure took effect from the first of January 2020. In a statement announcing the hike in fees titled: “Ministry of Health and Child Care: Review of Hospital Fees”, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Dr. Agnes Mahomva said that the government took the decision after careful consideration of the plight of the people and the inflation environment in Zimbabwe.

The fees to be paid vary from one health facility to another and involve only adults and children above the age of 5 years.

Details of the indicative fees are given below.

At Parirenyatwa Hospital, adults henceforth will pay 200 ZWL dollars while children 5 years and above will pay 100 ZWL dollars.

At Central Hospitals. the fees will be 160 ZWL dollars and children above the age of five will pay80 ZWL dollars.

At Provincial Hospitals, fees are now put at 120 ZWL dollars for adults and 60 ZWL dollars for children over 5 years of age.

At General Hospitals, adults and children above 5 years will pay 80 ZWL dollars and 40 ZWL dollars respectively.

The release directed heads of hospitals to begin implementation of the new fees without delay.

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