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Uganda Introduces Health Heroes Awards

The Ugandan Ministry of Health, in partnership with Xtraordinary Media, is introducing the Heroes In Health Awards (HIHA) as part of efforts to reward excellence in the country’s health sector and entrench global benchmark for health service delivery in the country.

HIHA is a public-private partnership venture to recognize outstanding individuals, entities, organizations, services, products, and programmes.

Also, it is a public choice award that affords the members of the public the opportunity to nominate and vote their heroes.

According to the Heroes in Health Awards website, the Award is expected to hold annually with the strategic objective of imbibing global standards of health practice into Uganda’s health care service delivery.

“The strategic objective is that by shining light on their outstanding contributions; individual, community, nonprofit, public and private players in the health sector will be rallied to innovate, serve the public better and to embrace global trends in the delivery of efficient healthcare to Uganda‚Äôs citizens.”

Excerpts from HIHA website:

The country’s Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, while writing about the award on her Twitter handle noted that the gesture was meant to say thank you to those doing well and encourage those not doing enough.

The minister announced that nomination for the event would take place for a period of one month, starting from February 15, 2020, to March 15, 2020.

She said:

“Nominations will take place from 15 February to 15 March 2020 and the winners will be announced at a gala on 3 April 2020 presided over by H E Kaguta Museveni.”

As the nomination will be done by members of the public, she encouraged the public to choose wisely by nominating outstanding health workers, institution and innovation that deserved to be recognized. She also emphasized that winners would be selected based on merit.

The minister wrote:

“The candidates will be nominated by the public. I urge you to nominate the most hardworking health worker, best performing institution, innovation that you think worked best in your community. #HIHA2020 is an entirely merit based process.”

The nomination is in 21 categories and those nominating must give justification for their nomination.

The categories are listed below:

  1. Lifetime Achievement
  2. Public Health Facility
  3. Private Health Facility
  4. Maternal and Child Healthcare
  5. Health Innovation
  6. Use of ICT to Improve Patient Care
  7. Student Innovation
  8. Media Excellence
  9. Excellence in Improving Access to Essential Medicines and Vaccines
  10. Healthcare Financing
  11. Healthcare Leadership
  12. District with the Best Managed Health promotion Campaign
  1. Inspirational Doctor of the Year
  2. Inspirational Midwife of the Year
  3. Inspirational Nurse of the Year
  4. Inspirational Allied Health Worker of the Year
  5. Inspirational Pharmacists of the Year
  6. Regional Health Champion NORTH
  7. Regional Health Champion SOUTH
  8. Regional Health Champion EAST
  9. Regional Health Champion WEST

The nomination has opened. If you wish to be a part of history, you can nominate your heroes on the website of the organizers.

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