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FMC Treatment Centre Overwhelmed as Ondo Records New Outbreak of Lassa Fever

Ondo State is said to be experiencing another round of Lassa Fever Outbreak, similar to what occurred last year, AfricaHealthDesk has learned

Ondo State has recorded a fresh outbreak of Lassa Fever, AfricaHealthDesk has learned.

Our investigation revealed that over 70 cases are said to have been confirmed in the State from 1st of January till today.

Also, the treatment centre in the State, the Federal Medical Centre, Owo is said to be filled to the brim. A popular online portal, Sahara Reporters, quoting a source that would like to remain anonymous, said that there were no more bed spaces to keep patients affected by Lassa Fever.

Furthermore, a Nigerian newspaper, The Nation reported that the Commissioner for Health in Ondo State, Dr. Wahab Adegbenro confirmed the outbreak but said the issue was being addressed by the government.

“I am currently at the governor’s office and we are having a meeting. That’s (Lassa fever outbreak )what we trying to address now. We are working on the report available and the next line of action. That is why I am in the Governor’s office. There will be pronouncement after the meeting, ” the newspaper quoted the Commissioner.

It will be recalled that last year (2019), Ondo state was one of the three states in Nigeria with the most number of confirmed cases of Lassa Fever. Others were Edo and Ebonyi.

Ebonyi state had already declared a State of Emergency on Lassa Fever in the State. Also, the Government of Nigeria has developed a Strategic Plan on One Health in response to the many outbreaks of diseases like Lassa Fever that happen at man, animal and environment interface in the country.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has listed Infectious Diseases and Epidemics among top 13 priority health challenges of the next decade.

Epidemics like the current outbreak of Lassa Fever in Ondo state can threaten the health of millions. The UN Health Agency said that while countries plan for security and spend huge amounts of money, they failed to plan for the health of their people, warning that “there are no shortcuts to a healthier world.”

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