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Coronavirus Scare: Authorities Confirm No Case in Lagos

The Lagos State Ministry of Health has debunked the rumour about an importation of a case of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) into the State.

The Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMoH) has announced that there is no case of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Lagos. This follows the story making round that a suspected case of the novel coronavirus has been imported from China.

In a series of tweets on the official Twitter handle, the State Ministry of Health, @LSMOH, authorities say it is completely untrue that there was a case the virus in Lagos.

The statement says that the case in question is a Nigerian returnee from China who self-presented in a private hospital on 29th January 2020, in compliance with public health advisory and as a responsible citizen.

The thread on Twitter reads:

“The subject in question is an adult male Nigerian who arrived from China 4 days ago. He was in Shanghai throughout his stay in China and during his stay, he did not have any contact with anyone who was ill or from Wuhan region.

“On his return to Lagos he followed the Public advisory issued by @LSMOH & like a responsible member of the society has chosen to self quarantine. He presented to a hospital for a check up just to be sure but was found to be perfectly well and asked to return home to continue his self quarantine.

“He is therefore clinically not a suspected case of #2019-nCoV as he is not exhibiting any symptoms. As of 2:38pm today, the report from the epidemiology officers of @LSMOH and the doctor that attended to him at the hospital in Lekki indicated that he is in perfect health with no symptoms of #nCoV2019.

“Nevertheless @LSMOH will continue to monitor his welfare till the end of his self quarantine period. As of now there is no suspected or confirmed case of #nCoV2019 in Lagos.

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