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About Africa Health Desk

AfricaHealthDesk is your choice for health news and information across Africa and the globe. We provide coverage for health activities even to the last mile.

Our mission is to empower government, groups, and individuals with life-changing health information to improve population health and to demand accountability from health managers and promote transparency in the management of health, towards a more equitable Africa.

AfricaHealthDesk has a wide reach across Africa and globally, thus we give the widest coverage to health news and information.

AfricaHealthDesk encourages citizens to freely express themselves on issues that bother on their health, including but not limited to reporting official misconducts that impede government efforts to deliver qualitative health to the populace.

At AfricaHealthDesk, we recognize the contributions of stakeholders, including international donors, to a healthy Africa – and so we celebrate them and bring their efforts into focus.

Even at that, AfricaHealthDesk also believes that holding public office holders to account on use of taxpayers’ money is a key factor for the success of health policies and programmes.

Consequently, we fortify citizens with information to improve their lives and demand accountability and transparency from those who hold public office in trust within the health and allied sectors.

All too often, coverage of health news in Africa is inadequate, leaving the general public with a lack of adequate information to be empowered to turn around their health for good.

So, through the use of evidence, AfricaHealthDesk provides in-depth analyses and commentaries on a wide range of health and allied matters across Africa. And because we know that health has no boundary, we extend our frontiers beyond Africa, analyzing how actions and policies on other continents impact on Africa and Africans.

Students in training will also find AfricaHealthDesk useful as various academic issues and opportunities relevant to their present and future careers are also covered on the platform.

AfricaHealthDesk delves into topical issues that challenge the status quo without fear or favour. This is aimed at steering governments, local and international organizations, and agencies into action towards improving health indices across Africa.

You don’t have to be on the sideline. You can be a part of a new wave of African advocates shaping the future of health on the continent.

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AfricaHealthDesk is your platform. You can share activities of your organization, your hospital, your union or yourself with us - so long it is about health.

Also, if you are an Information Officer for your organization or the Press Officer of your ministry or the Public Relations Officer of your Union; if you are a doctor, a nurse or you belong to any other profession within the health sector and you want to create awareness about what is happening in your terrain, you are free to send your entries to us. We will be glad to publish your stories, your news, and your views.

If you belong to a Civil Society Organization, a Community-Based Organization or you are just a Concerned Citizen and you wish to tell us what bothers you in your domain or demand accountability about happenings in your settings, let us know.

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